‘Global Space Technology Limited’ was founded and incorporated as a UK company in 1997 to provide technology solutions and consulting services to both space agencies and companies working on satellite missions for space science and telecommunications.

XMM-Newton, picture courtesy of ESA.
Solar-B, picture courtesy of ISAS/JAXA

Based on the early successes of the space consulting activities it was decided to form a new company dedicated exclusively to space consulting. To meet this aim, ‘Global Space Consulting Ltd’ (GSCL) was founded in 2009 and has since seen steady growth year on year.

GSCL has space experts that can cover the full range of satellite sub-system disciplines including payload, TT&C, antenna, mechanical & structure, mechanisms, thermal, chemical & electrical propulsion, electrical & power, AOCS, DHS, product assurance & quality, launch vehicle, space optics, project managers and experts in space environments. All of the consulting team are pragmatic and seasoned space engineering consultants many of whom have over 30 years experience in the space business and are considered experts in their field.

Much of our new business comes from ‘word of mouth’ with several clients coming back to GSCL to support their follow-on business ventures. A lot can be said about the quality of our services by our portfolio list of companies with whom we have worked, this includes: Arabsat, Catlin,  EchoStar, European Space Agency (ESTEC), Hellas-Sat, Inmarsat, Jardin Lloyd Thompson (JLT), OHB, Oxford Instruments, SES, Telesat and Yahsat.

GSCL has experience working on the following space missions profiles:-

  • GEO and LEO communications satellites with payloads operating with L, C, P, Ku and Ka-band.
  • LEO communications constellations.
  • LEO remote sensing and earth observation satellites.
  • LEO and elliptical orbit space science mission
  • Experience with all forms of antenna design including single fed antenna, multi-spot beam and phased array.
  • GEO and LEO mission using large unfurlable reflectors (9 to 12 m diameter).
  • Experience working on both commercial and military communications payloads.
  • Experience with most western satellite platforms.
Picture courtesy of Airbus Defence & Space

At GSCL we understand and have experience with all the life cycle phases of a satellite procurement and the following list of achieved consulting tasks is helpful to endorse our credentials, however, the list is by no means the limitation of our capability:-

  • Technical feasibility study and payload systems engineering for a GEO mobile payload including estimating traffic density patterns, frequency coordination constraints, link budgets, spot beam grids, frequency and polarisation reuse plans, antenna sizing and antenna pattern generation.
  • Participation in satellite procurement RFP generation, proposal reviews and evaluation, negotiations leading to technical recommendations and proposal trade-offs.
  • Supporting qualification reviews (EQSR) and design reviews (PDR, CDR) for both unit/sub-systems and satellite system level.
  • Monitoring manufacture and test of both platform and payload units including review and evaluation of equipment specifications, technical and schedule monitoring and participation in unit TRRs, TRBs, Non-conformance and NRB reviews.
  • On site resident monitoring of payload and satellite construction/assembly, integration and test including participation in system TRR, TRBs Non-conformance, NRBs and RFD/RFW review and assessment.
  • Monitoring and assessment of program technical and schedule risks.
  • Assessment of project changes notices.
  • Satellite Systems engineering.
  • Review and inputs to test plan for large 12m diameter unfurlable reflector fed by multi-beam feed array as part of satellite procurement proposal.
  • Participation in satellite final shipment readiness reviews and review of pre-launch storage plans.
  • IOT planning including frequency co-ordination analysis as part of the IOT orbital slot selection.
  • Launch campaign support
  • Supporting LEOP operations and satellite and payload IOT.
  • Supporting Launch vehicle (LV) procurement, monitoring LV interfaces and LV upgrades.
  • Supporting LV failure review boards and return to flight.
  • Review and assessment of satellite in-orbit failures including participation in failure review boards.
  • Assessment of satellite(s) technical risks as part of insurance underwriters decision on placement of insurance.
  • Working with insurance broker to generate tailor made/bespoken payload loss formula with objective of providing satellite client with best insurance policy. Addressing underwriters technical Q&A to obtain the best insurance coverage
  • Assessment of in-orbit failure insurance claim.
  • Feasibility design study for space science instrumentation package.
  • Technical health audit of in-orbit satellites and satellite fleets.
Picture courtesy of Airbus Defence & Space